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If there is a difference between human beings and non-human animals, it lies in that peculiarly human ability to weave stories from the past into the texture of present lives. It’s in the art of storytelling that the key to human knowledgeability – and therefore culture – ultimately resides.
Excerpt from “Being Alive” by Tim Ingold

We like to invite you cordially to our next event: Lines, on Friday 20th of May 2016, at the Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier AGA,  14.30 – 17.00 o’ clock with Saskia Monshouwer and Margret Wibmer.

During our event “Lines” Saskia Monshouwer will shed light on the process of creating an exhibition. She will illustrate her insights with ideas by British anthropologist Tim Ingold.
The title ‘Lines’ is reference to an important term of analysis used by Ingold: the line.It helps re-thinking the curatorial practice: Should an exhibition be understood as a final presentation of artworks, or should we rather think of it as a matrix of trails (or lines) to be followed by observant eyes?

Margret Wibmer shares a video of her performance ‘Time Out’, which took place 2015 at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam and was recently exhibited at the art festival ‘Do Disturbe’ at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Wibmer will point out a different view on the creation of an exhibition, from the angle of a performer who considers the interrelationship of audience and space.

Lines is the 4th event in a row of workshops and events preceding the annual exhibition:
Thinking Sense, 1.10-29.10.2016 featuring Bas van den Hurk, Just Quist, Johan Rijpma, Sema Bekirovic, Marc Nagtzaam, Esther Venrooy,  Kok & Deiman, Margret Wibmer and more.
Curator: Saskia Monshouwer │Witteveen Visual Art Center│Konijnenstraat 16a, Amsterdam


Join us for a unique programme and philosophical talks
at the Grafisch Ateliers Amsterdams Grafisch Ateliers (AGA),
De Roos van Dekamaweg 7, Amsterdam.
Registration is required, the number of participants is limited.

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